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HungerBox - Office and Corporate catering made easy

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HungerBox - Office and Corporate catering made easy

What we do ?

At HungerBox, we believe that great food leads to happy employees.

We are an online marketplace that connects caterers with companies. We simplify corporate catering in offices in two unique ways. First, we solve the problem of monotonous office food by ensuring everyday food remains exciting by rotating caterers periodically. The second, by dealing with the caterers ourselves, we take the work away from your hands and into our own.

Finally, all of this translates to one thing - office food, without the hassle!

HungerBox - Office and Corporate catering made easy

Why HungerBox?
Rotating Caterers

We switch up the caterers periodically and based on your feedback, to ensure your employees are happy and that culinary needs are always met at the same time.

Tech driven feedback

With strong technology integrated into our services, our feedback system monitors your employees' daily feedback to anticipate and fulfill your requirements.

Multi-cuisine options

From a variety of cuisines to a selection of Vegetarian-only and Non-Vegetarian options, we’ve got caterers for every palate.

Works with every budget

Pick the caterer that suits your preferences and budget the best. There’s plenty to choose from.

Audits and Licenses

All of our caterers have an FSSAI license and are regularly audited by an in-house quality control team.

HungerBox - Office and Corporate catering made easy

3 simple steps
to great food at your office

Simply tell us your headcount,
and dietary preferences.

We'll source the best food for you
and bring it straight to your office.

We'll monitor your daily feedback
to fulfill your requirements.

HungerBox - Office and Corporate catering made easy

It's very simple!

One small step for food. One giant leap for your company.