Benefits for Employees

  • Employees will be able to browse through the menu and order from anywhere in the office premises through the apps that HungerBox provides
  • Employees will not have to stand in line at the cash counters as they can plug in the money online into their HungerBox accounts or pay online while ordering
  • Employees will be able to provide feedback and rating for the food items they consume and also rate the entire food experience
  • Employees will be intimated regarding order readiness and pick up intimation, which will reduce their idle time in cafeteria
  • The overall reduction in idle time spent in cafeteria and an enhanced cafeteria experience will boost overall employee productivity

Benefits for Employers

  • Employers will have an expert in the Food-tech industry, who would bring in best in class technology to manage food caterers and employee ordering, keeping food safety standards in mind
  • Employers will have more visibility on the entire process of ordering through the real time data that the HungerBox admin console provides
  • Employers will have access to the feedback that the employees provide for their daily food experience. Based on the feedback data, employers can gather actionable insights and act on it
  • Employers can track performance of all caterers through the HungerBox admin console and take actions based on that
  • Employers have a 24x7 Helpline for their issues to be resolved
  • Employers will have a Technology enabled cafeteria which saves a lot of employee time and hence increases employee productivity

Benefits for Caterers

  • As the entire cafeteria becomes tech enabled, Caterers will not be required to manage any cash and hence not perform any cash reconciliations
  • Caterers will have visibility on each of their cafeterias through daily reports which would provide important information as required by the caterer (like Orders placed, Transaction value, etc.)
  • Caterers will have access to stock reports, data dashboards and selling history which would help them in food preparation according to the fluctuating demands of the cafeteria
  • Order management, menu updates, etc. will be done online which empowers the caterer to share information with the employees and hence provide a better food experience
  • HungerBox’s feedback module will help caterers to improve food and service quality based on employee feedback