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HungerBox's End to End Digital Cafeteria Management involves all the aspects of Cafeteria Management, right from Technology to Food Vendor Partner Curation to Food Safety & Regulations.

From a Technology perspective, HungerBox's Technology Solution makes the Corporate Cafeteria 100% GST compliant, which would not be possible with traditional Cafeteria Management. The 100% customizable Technology Platform is capable of Digital Ordering, Digital Payments, Pre-ordering, Personalization, 2-way communication with Food Vendor, Health Module with Calorie Consumption tracking and several other features. The ISO 27001 certified, Patent Pending Technology platform is Reliable, Secure and Scalable to cater to the needs of the Corporate. HungerBox prides itself on building the Technology for the Corporate along with the Corporate with a complete customized offering.

The Digital Cafeteria Management needs to be a 100% neutral platform in terms of Food Vendor Partner and Payment Options. Hence, HungerBox does not participate in Food preparation and follows a Consultative approach during the selection of the Food Vendor Partner with the Corporate. This leads to a healthy non-biased entity in charge of running the Cafeteria. Since HungerBox is not a Payment Company, HungerBox acts as a neutral platform for all Payment Options and houses more than 65 Payment options.

HungerBox's Digital Cafeteria involves the HungerBox appointed Site Managers in charge of the Cafeteria, performing daily checks on the Food Vendors through Digital Checklists through a maker and checker process, making sure that the Cafeteria operations are run in an extremely Smooth and Safe Manner.

HungerBox's Digital Cafeteria Solution involves both Online Employee Engagement activities and Offline Engagement activities in the Cafeterias. HungerBox also runs a lot of Engagement activities on the HungerBox App where Employees are rewarded based on their gamification programs on the App. HungerBox runs Food Festivals in each and every Cafeteria regularly to celebrate all Festivals (right from Ganesh Utsav to Durga Pooja to Onam) through the Festival Foods, Special Food Festivals, etc.

Our Sales Team representative would give a detailed overview of the entire End to End Digital Cafeteria Management Solution.

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