Our Products

Our Model

Our vision is to enhance the cafeteria experience for the employees, serve as a one-stop solution to the facilities/admin team and enable food vendors to eliminate cash pilferage.

This is made possible by our unique business model where HungerBox serves as a Technology solution provider and a Food Vendor Partner aggregator.

Using the app, employees can view the F&B menu provided by all enlisted food vendors at their workplace cafés, place orders and track delivery accurately. They can also provide ratings/feedback, which are used to assess and enhance the Food Vendor Partner Performance.

HungerBox’s solution provides admin teams at the client organization with the ability to track the entire F&B operation including food consumption, orders, feedback, etc. in real-time.

More than 65 different payment methods are integrated into the service offering including in-app purchases by an employee, payment via smart cards, m-wallets, self-serve kiosks at the cafés, etc. HungerBox uses latest technology advancements like IoT in its solution to seamlessly connect the vendor-side hardware (designed by HungerBox) and the corporate employees. The HungerBox solution also provides features like ‘Personalised Recommendations’ to employees through its AI-driven technology, ‘Health Mode’ for health-conscious employees, ability to undertake group-ordering and orders from restaurants in the vicinity when corporate cafés are closed, etc.


Employee App

Our key offering filled with features to ease the life of your employees.

  • View live menu
  • Order food from desk
  • Personalised recommendations
  • Health Tracker - Befit
  • Express checkout
  • Multiple payment Options

Vendor POS

Custom built POS machine which runs a dedicated application that acts as a secure transaction medium between the user (employee) and our service

  • Live menu editing
  • Order status updation
  • NFC reading capability
  • QR scanner
  • Cash POS capability

Admin Dashboard

The control panel of our operation meant for the facilities/admin teams to view detailed reports and track cafeteria operations on real-time

  • Customised reports
  • Live dashboard
  • Real-time reporting
  • Invoice report structure
  • 100% policy adherence
  • Cost center wise bifurcation

Supervisor App

A dedicated app for the supervisor helps in monitoring the day-to-day operations and daily activities of the site.

  • Digital checklist
  • Secure recharging
  • Issue reporting
  • Daily attendance
  • Leaderboards

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